When a new restaurant, Martin's Cafe, opened in Riverville last year, many people predicted that business at the Wildflower Inn, Riverville's only other restaurant, would suffer from the competition. Surprisingly, however, in the year since Martin's Cafe opened, the average number of meals per night served at the Wildflower Inn has increased significantly.

Which of the following, if true, most helps to explain the increase?

Unlike the Wildflower Inn, Martin's Cafe serves considerably more meals on weekends than it does on weekdays.

Most of the customers of Martin's Cafe had never dined in Riverville before this restaurant opened, and on most days Martin's Cafe attracts more customers than it can seat.

The profit per meal is higher, on average, for meals served at Martin's Cafe than for those served at the Wildflower Inn.

The Wildflower Inn is not open on Sundays, and therefore Riverville residents who choose to dine out on that day must either eat at Martin's Cafe or go to neighboring towns to eat.

A significant proportion of the staff at Martin's Cafe are people who formerly worked at the Wildflower Inn and were hired away by the owner of Martin's Cafe.


情景:新的餐馆(Martin's Cafe)要在Riverville开张了,它将会和原来在Riverville的唯一餐馆Wildflower Inn形成了竞争关系。由此可知,Wildflower Inn平均每晚的餐位数应该会下降。


直接解释为何“Wildflower Inn的餐位数上升了”即可。


A选项:不像Wildflower Inn,Martin's Café周末会比平常供应更多的餐点。本选项描述的是两个餐馆供应模式的区别,无论有没有模式的区别,理论上只要有了竞争,Wildflower Inn的就餐人数就会下降,故而本选项不能反驳结论。

B选项:Correct. 大部分去Martin's Café的就餐者都是那些从来不会去Wildflower Inn就餐的,并且大部分的时候Martin's Café的座位是不够的。如果在Martin's Café的就餐者和在Wildflower Inn的就餐者不同,那么其实就没有什么竞争关系,加之Martin's Café的座位不够,那么没有座位的人就可能去Wildflower Inn就餐,反而可能会使Wildflower Inn就餐的人数上升。显然本选项可以反驳结论。

C选项:Martin's Café每一餐的利润比Wildflower Inn每一餐的利润高。无论利润谁高谁低,都不能反驳Wildflower Inn就餐的人数会下降这一结论。

 Wildflower Inn在星期天不开门,所以要出去吃饭的人要么在Martin's Café吃饭,要么到镇外吃饭。本选项不会改变在Wildflower Inn就餐人数,故而不能反驳结论。

很大一部分在Martin's Café工作的员工都是以前Wildflower Inn的员工。本选项描述的是两个餐馆的人员构成,不能反驳结论中就餐人数的变化。


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