Political advocacy groups have begun to use information services to disseminate information that is then accessed by the public via personal computer. Since many groups are thus able to bypass traditional news sources, whose reporting is selective, and to present their political views directly to the public, information services present a more balanced picture of the complexities of political issues than any traditional news source presents.

Which of the following is an assumption on which the argument above depends?

Information services are accessible to enough people to ensure that political advocacy groups can use these services to reach as large a percentage of the public as they could through traditional news sources.

People could get a thorough understanding of a particular political issue by sorting through information provided by several traditional news sources, each with differing editorial biases.

Information on political issues disseminated through information services does not come almost entirely from advocacy groups that share a single bias.

Traditional news sources seldom report the views of political advocacy groups accurately.

Most people who get information on political issues from newspapers and other traditional news sources can readily identify the editorial biases of those sources.


情景:政治宣传组开始用information services去扩散消息。因为很多政治宣传组因此有能力利用information services来跳过传统的发布信息渠道(这些渠道是选择性的发布信息的)以直接发布信息给公众,所以information services比任何的传统发布信息的渠道都能展现一个更加平衡的政治观点平台。

前提:很多政治宣传组因此有能力利用information services来跳过传统的发布信息渠道(这些渠道是选择性的发布信息的)以直接发布信息给公众
结论:information services比任何的传统发布信息的渠道都能展现一个更加平衡的政治观点平台



A选项:information services可以被足够多的公众接触到以至于政治辩护群体可以用information services来接触到和传统媒介一样多的公众群体。无论information services可以被多少人查看,这都不影响information services本身是否是平衡的平台这一性质。

B选项:人们可以通过浏览不同传统新闻媒介提供的信息来对一个特定的政治事件有一个彻底的了解。本选项描述的是人们要如何才能依靠传统新闻媒介来彻底了解各方观点,并没有提及information services的问题。

C选项:Correct. information services上的信息不是完全来自单一的政治群体的。如果information services虽然对所有人开放,但是只有某些单一的政治群体向上发布信息,那么information services就依然不会是一个平衡的平台,因此反驳了结论。本选项可以加强这个推理。

传统的新闻媒介很少能准确的表达政治群体的观点。本选项描述了传统新闻媒介的一个弱点,并不能反驳information services的任何信息。

大部分从报纸或者其它传统新闻媒介上获取政治观点的人都能识别出这些信息源的政治偏见。公众能否识别传统信息源中的政治偏见并不会影响information services上信息观点是否平衡,所以本选项不能评估整个推理。


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