Which of the following most logically completes the passage?

Garnet and RenCo each provide health care for their employees. Garnet pays for both testing of its employees' cholesterol levels and treatment of high cholesterol. This policy saves Garnet money, since high cholesterol left untreated for many years leads to conditions that require very expensive treatment. However, RenCo does not have the same financial incentive to adopt such a policy, because __________.

early treatment of high cholesterol does not entirely eliminate the possibility of a stroke later in life

the mass media regularly feature stories encouraging people to maintain diets that are low in cholesterol

RenCo has significantly more employees than Garnet has

RenCo's employees are unlikely to have higher cholesterol levels than Garnet's employees

the average length of time an employee stays with RenCo is less than it is with Garnet


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