When three Everett-owned Lightning-built airplanes crashed in the same month, the Everett company ordered three new Lightning-built airplanes as replacements. This decision surprised many in the airline industry because, ordinarily when a product is involved in accidents, users become reluctant to buy that product.

Which of the following, if true, provides the best indication that the Everett company's decision was logically well supported?

Although during the previous year only one Lightning-built airplane crashed, competing manufacturers had a perfect safety record.

The Lightning-built airplanes crashed due to pilot error, but because of the excellent quality of the planes there were many survivors.

The Federal Aviation Association issued new guidelines for airlines in order to standardize safety requirements governing preflight inspections.

Consumer advocates pressured two major airlines into purchasing safer airplanes so that the public would be safer while flying.

Many Lightning Airplane Company employees had to be replaced because they found jobs with the competition.


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