Traveler: Southern Airways has a far worse safety record than Air Dacentaria over the past few years, in terms of both the frequency of accidents and the severity of accidents. Therefore, although Air Dacentaria is slightly more expensive, I will choose it over Southern Airways for my flight from Pederton to Dacenta, since it is worth paying extra to have a safer flight.

Which of the following, if true, casts the most serious doubt on the traveler's argument?

Air Dacentaria's flight from Pederton to Dacenta is nonstop, whereas Southern Airways' flight touches down in Gorinda on the way.

Most Southern Airways flights, but not its flight from Pederton to Dacenta, use Sarmouth airport, which because of its mountainous location is one of the world's most dangerous.

For its flights from Pederton to Dacenta, Southern Airways uses a different model of airplane, with a smaller capacity, than the model Air Dacentaria uses for its flights on the same route.

Only in the last few years has the cost of flying from Pederton to Dacenta been more expensive on Air Dacentaria than on Southern Airways

Although the frequency of accidents is greater on Southern Airways, on both airlines the proportion of flights that have accidents is very small.


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