Situation: For five years the Souper restaurant chain has maintained rapid sales growth in Danport, primarily by opening new restaurants that draw patrons away from other restaurants in their vicinity.

Goal: Souper wishes to achieve continued rapid sales growth in Danport over the next two years.

Proposal for consideration: Continue to open new restaurants in Danport during the next two years at the same rate as in the last two years.

In light of the situation, which of the following, if true, most strongly argues that adopting the proposal would be an ineffective way of achieving the goal?

At times at which customers find Souper restaurants too crowded, they often go to other restaurants nearby.

The Souper chain has generally opened new restaurants in locations that are in the vicinity of a large number of other restaurants.

Souper restaurants generally offer a much smaller variety of foods than many of the other restaurants in their vicinity.

Virtually all potential sites for new Souper restaurants in Danport are located in the vicinity of existing Souper restaurants.

Souper restaurants have always offered meals that are somewhat less expensive than meals at restaurants that compete with Souper for patrons.


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