Which of the following most logically completes the passage?

For the past several years, a certain technology has been widely used to transmit data among networked computers. Recently two data transmission companies, Aptron and Gammatech, have each developed separate systems that allow network data transmission at rates ten times faster than the current technology allows. Although the systems are similarly priced and are equally easy to use, Aptron's product is likely to dominate the market, because __________.

Gammatech has been in the business of designing data transmission systems for several years more than Aptron has

the number of small businesses that need computer networking systems is likely to double over the next few years

it is much more likely that Gammatech's system will be expandable to meet future needs

unlike many data transmission companies, Aptron and Gammatech develop computers in addition to data transmission systems

it is easier for users of the current data transmission technology to switch to Aptron's product than to Gammatech's


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