What kinds of property rights apply to Algonquian family hunting territories, and how did they come to be? The dominant view in recent decades has been that family hunting territories, like other forms of private landownership, were not found among Algonquians (a group of North American Indian tribes) before contact with Europeans but are the result of changes in Algonquian society brought about by the European-Algonquian fur trade, in combination with other factors such as ecological changes and consequent shifts in wildlife harvesting patterns. Another view claims that Algonquian family hunting territories predate contact with Europeans and are forms of private landownership by individuals and families. More recent fieldwork, however, has shown that individual and family rights to hunting territories form part of a larger land-use system of multifamilial hunting groups, that rights to hunting territories at this larger community level take precedence over those at the individual or family level, and that this system reflects a concept of spiritual and social reciprocity that conflicts with European concepts of private property. In short, there are now strong reasons to think that it was erroneous to claim that Algonquian family hunting territories ever were, or were becoming, a kind of private property system.

According to the passage, proponents of the view mentioned in the first highlighted portion of text and proponents of the view mentioned in the second highlighted portion of text both believe which of the following about Algonquian family hunting territories?

They are a form of private landownership.

They are a form of community, rather than individual, landownership.

They were a form of private landownership prior to contact with Europeans.

They became a form of private landownership due to contact with Europeans.

They have replaced reciprocal practices relating to land use in Algonquian society.






支持主题(Supporting ideas)



A选项:Correct. 他们都是一种私有土地所有制的形式。在考点中已经分析明确,这里不再赘述。



他们是一个由于和欧洲人交流而形成的私人土地所有制这个选项是第一个高亮“view” 不是两者的共同观点。



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