The country of Virodia has, until now, been barely self-sufficient in both meat and grain. Greater prosperity there has gone hand in hand with steadily increasing per capita consumption of meat, and it takes several pounds of grain used as feed to produce one pound of meat. Per capita income is almost certain to rise further, yet increases in domestic grain production are unlikely.


 Which of the following is most strongly supported by the information given?

Some land in Virodia that is currently used for grain production will soon be turned into pastureland for grazing cattle for meat.

In the future, per capita income in Virodia is unlikely to increase as rapidly as it has in the past.

In Virodia, the amount of grain it takes to produce one pound of meat is likely to increase in coming years.

 Grain is soon likely to make up a larger proportion of the average Virodians diet than ever before.

Virodia is likely to become an importer of grain or meat or both.


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