Which of the following most logically completes the passage?


Laminated glass is much harder to break than the glass typically used in the windows of cars driven in Relnia. It is more difficult for thieves to break into cars with laminated glass windows than into cars with ordinary glass windows, and laminated glass windows are less likely to break in a collision. Nevertheless, considerations of security and safety do not unambiguously support a proposal to require that in Relnia all glass installed in cars be laminated glass, since_________.

 most people cannot visually distinguish laminated glass from the glass typically used for car windows

a significant proportion of cars driven in Relnia are manufactured elsewhere

some cars in Relnia already have laminated glass in their windows

the rates of car theft and of collisions have both fallen slightly in Relnia in recent years

there are times when breaking a car’s window is the best way to provide timely help for people trapped inside


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