Pretzel Vendor: The new license fee for operating a pretzel stand outside the art museum is prohibitively expensive Charging typical prices. I would need to sell an average of 25 pretzels per hour to break even. At my stand outside City Hall, with about as many passers-by as at the art museum, I average only 15 per hour. So I could not break even running a stand outside the art museum, much less turn a proft.

Which of the following, if true, most seriously weakens the pretzel vendor's argument?

 The pretzel vendor does not sell anything other than pretzels.

People who visit the art museum are more likely to by buy pretzels than are people who go to City Hall.

The license fee for operating a pretzel stand outside City Hall will not increase.

People who buy pretzels at pretzel stands are more likely to do so during the lunch hour than at other times.

The city will grant more licenses for pretzel stands outside the art museum than the number it grants for stands outside City Hall.


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