Music critic: Fewer and fewer musicians are studying classical music, decreasing the likelihood that those with real aptitude for such music will be performing it. Audiences who hear these performances will not appreciate classical music’s greatness and will thus decamp to other genres. So to maintain classical music’s current meager popularity, we must encourage more young musicians to enter the field.

Which of the following, if true, most weakens the music critic’s reasoning?

Musicians who choose to study classical music do so because they believe they have an aptitude for the music.

Classical music’s current meager popularity is attributable to the profusion of other genres of music available to listeners.

Most people who appreciate classical music come to do so through old recordings rather than live performances.

It is possible to enjoy the music in a particular genre even when it is performed by musicians who are not ideally suited for that genre.

The continued popularity of a given genre of music depends in part on the audiences being able to understand why that genre attained its original popularity.


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