Jay: Of course there are many good reasons to support the expansion of preventive medical care, but arguments claiming that it will lead to greater societal economic gains are misguided. Some of the greatest societal expenses arise from frequent urgent-care needs for people who have attained a long life due to preventive care.
Sunil: Your argument fails because you neglect economic gains outside the health care system: society suffers an economic loss when any of its productive members suffer from preventable illness.
Sunil's response to Jay makes which of the following assumptions?

Those who receive preventive care are not more likely to need urgent care than are those who do not receive preventive care

Jay intends the phrase "economic gains" to refer only to gains accruing to institutions within the health care system.

Productive members of society are more likely than others to suffer preventable illnesses.

The economic contributions of those who receive preventive medical care may outweigh the economic losses caused by preventive care.

Jay is incorrect in stating that patients who receive preventive medical care are long-lived.


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