In their study of whether offering a guarantee of service quality will encourage customers to visit a particular restaurant, Tucci and Talaga have found that the effect of such guarantees is mixed. For higher-priced restaurants, there is some evidence that offering a guarantee increases the likelihood of customer selection, probably reflecting the greater financial commitment involved in choosing an expensive restaurant. For lower-priced restaurants, where one expects less assiduous service, Tucciand Talaga found that a guarantee could actually have a negative effect: a potential customer might think that a restaurant offering a guarantee is worried about its service. Moreover, since customers understand a restaurant's product and know what to anticipate in terms of service, they are empowered to question its quality. This is not generally true in the case of skilled activities such as electrical work, where, consequently, a guarantee might have greater customer appeal.
For restaurants generally, the main benefit of a service guarantee probably lies not so much in customer appeal as in managing and motivating staff. Staff members would know what service standards are expected of them and also know that the success of the business relies on their adhering to those standards. Additionally, guarantees provide some basis for defining the skills needed for successful service in areas traditionally regarded as unskilled, such as waiting tables.

According to the passage, Tucci and Talaga found that service guarantees, when offered by lower-priced restaurants, can have which of the following effects?

Customers' developing unreasonably high expectations regarding service

Customers' avoiding such restaurants because they fear that the service guarantee may not be fully honored

Customers' interpreting the service guarantee as a sign that management is not confident about the quality of its service

A restaurant's becoming concerned that its service will not be assiduous enough to satisfy customers

A restaurant's becoming concerned that customers will be more emboldened to question the quality of service they receive







C选项:正确。客人会把这个行为解读为:餐厅对自己的服务质量没信心:与原文 “apotential customer might think that a restaurant offering a guarantee isworried about its service” 表述一致。




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