Much research has been devoted to investigating what motivates consumers to try new products. Previous consumer research suggests that both the price of a new product and the way it is advertised affect consumers' perceptions of the product's performance risk (the possibility that the product will not function as consumers expect and/or will not provide the desired benefits). Some of this research has concluded that a relatively high price will reduce a consumer's perception of the performance risk associated with purchasing a particular product, while other studies have reported that price has little or no effect on perceived performance risk. These conflicting findings may simply be due to the nature of product advertisements: a recent study indicates that the presentation of an advertised message has a marked effect on the relationship between price and perceived performance risk.

Researchers have identified consumers' perception of the credibility of the source of an advertised message-i.e., the manufacturer—as another factor affecting perceived performance risk: one study found that the greater the source credibility, the lower the consumer's perception of the risk of purchasing an advertised new product. However, past research suggests that the relationship between source credibility and perceived performance risk may be more complex: source credibility may interact with price in a subtle way to affect consumers' judgments of the performance risk associated with an advertised product.

According to the passage, the studies referred to in the highlighted text reported which of the following about the effect of price on consumers' perception of the performance risk associated with a new product?

Although most consumers regard price as an important factor, their perception of the performance risk associated with a new product is ultimately determined by the manufacturer's reputation.

Price interacts with the presentation of an advertised message to affect perceived performance risk.

Price does not significantly affect consumers' perception of the performance risk associated with a new product.

Consumers tend to regard price as more important than the manufacturer's credibility when they are buying from that manufacturer for the first time.

Consumers are generally less concerned about a new product's performance risk when that product is relatively expensive.



1.     研究内容:影响消费者尝试新产品的因素

研究结果:1) 价格→ a. 价格越高,风险越低  b. 价格无影响

差别原因:2) 广告的影响

2.     3)广告来源的可信度

a. 可信度越高,风险越低

b. 关系更复杂:价格+可信度→打广告的产品






B选项:价格和广告内容一起作用于perceivedperformance risk:这个研究没有提到广告。





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