Which of the following most logically completes the passage?

The figures in portraits by the Spanish painter El Greco (1541–1614) are systematically elongated. In El Greco's time, the intentional distortion of human figures was unprecedented in European painting. Consequently, some critics have suggested that El Greco had an astigmatism, a type of visual impairment,that resulted in people appearing to him in the distorted way that is characteristic of his paintings. However, this suggestion cannot be the explanation, because _____ .

several twentieth-century artists have consciously adopted from El Greco's paintings the systematic elongation of the human form

some people do have elongated bodies somewhat like those depicted in El Greco's portraits

if El Greco had an astigmatism, then, relative to how people looked to him, the elongated figures in his paintings would have appeared to him to be distorted

even if El Greco had an astigmatism, there would have been no correction for it available in the period in which he lived

there were non-European artists, even in El Greco's time, who included in their works human figures that were intentionally distorted


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