In an attempt to promote the widespread use of paper rather than plastic, and thus reduce non-biodegradable waste, the council of a small town plans to ban the sale of disposable plastic goods for which substitutes made of paper exist.The council argues that since most paper is entirely biodegradable, paper goods are environmentally preferable.

Which of the following, if true, indicates that the plan to ban the sale of disposable plastic goods is ill suited to the town council's environmental goals?

Although biodegradable plastic goods are now available, members of the town council believe biodegradable paper goods to be safer for the environment.

The paper factory at which most of the townspeople are employed plans to increase production of biodegradable paper goods.

After other towns enacted similar bans on the sale of plastic goods, the environmental benefits were not discernible for several years.

Since most townspeople prefer plastic goods to paper goods in many instances, they are likely to purchase them in neighboring towns where plastic goods are available for sale.

Products other than those derived from wood pulp are often used in the manufacture of paper goods that are entirely biodegradable.


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