In the past most airline companies minimized aircraft weight to minimize fuel costs. The safest airline seats were heavy, and airlines equipped their planes with few of these seats.This year the seat that has sold best to airlines has been the safest One — a clear indication that airlines are assigning a higher priority to safe seating than to minimizing fuel costs.

Which of the following, if true, most seriously weakens the argument above?

Last year's best-selling airline seat was not the safest airline seat on the market.

No airline company has announced that it would be making safe seating a higher priority this year.

The price of fuel was higher this year than it had been in most of the years when the safest airline seats sold poorly.

Because of increases in the cost of materials, all airline seats were more expensive to manufacture this year than in any previous year.

Because of technological innovations, the safest airline seat on the market this year weighed less than most other airline seats on the market.


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