Which of the following most logically completes the passage?

It is generally believed that people receiving frequent medical checkups are likely to need hospitalization less frequently than they would otherwise; after all, many things can be done following a checkup to prevent problems that, if ignored, might become acute and then require hospitalization. But for people with chronic illnesses, frequent medical checkups are likely to lead to more frequent hospitalization since __________.

the recommended treatments for complications of many chronic illnesses involve hospitalization even if those complications are detected while barely noticeable

medical checkups sometimes do not reveal early symptoms of those chronic illnesses that are best treated in a hospital

the average length of a hospital stay is the same for those who receive frequent checkups as for those who do not

people with chronic illnesses generally receive medical checkups more frequently than people who are not chronically ill

the average length of a hospital stay for people with a chronic illness tends to increase as the illness progresses


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