People's television-viewing habits could be monitored by having television sets,when on, send out low-level electromagnetic waves that are reflected back to the sets. The reflected waves could then be analyzed to determine how many persons are within the viewing area of the sets. Critics fear adverse health effects of such a monitoring system, but a proponent responds, "The average dose of radiation is less than one chest x-ray. As they watch, viewers won't feel a thing."

Which of the following issues would it be most important to resolve in evaluating the dispute concerning the health effects of the proposed system?

Whether the proposed method of monitoring viewership can distinguish between people and pets

Whether radar speed monitors also operate on the principle of analyzing reflected waves of electromagnetic radiation

Whether the proposed system has been tried out in various areas of the country or in a single area only

What uses are foreseen for the viewership data

Whether the average dose that the proponent describes is a short-term dose or a lifetime cumulative dose


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