Some anthropologists study modern-day societies of foragers in an effort to learn about our ancient ancestors who were also foragers. A flaw in this strategy is that forager societies are extremely varied. Indeed, any forager society with which anthropologists are familiar has had considerable contact with modern, non-forager societies.

Which of the following, if true, would most weaken the criticism made above of the anthropologists' strategy?

All forager societies throughout history have had a number of important features in common that are absent from other types of societies.

Most ancient forager societies either dissolved or made a transition to another way of life.

All anthropologists study one kind or another of modern-day society.

Many anthropologists who study modern-day forager societies do not draw inferences about ancient societies on the basis of their studies.

Even those modern-day forager societies that have not had significant contact with modern societies are importantly different from ancient forager societies.


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