If the county continues to collect residential trash at current levels, landfills will soon be overflowing and parkland will need to be used in order to create more space. Charging each household a fee for each pound of trash it puts out for collection will induce residents to reduce the amount of trash they create; this charge will therefore protect the remaining county parkland.

Which of the following is an assumption made in drawing the conclusion above?

Residents will reduce the amount of trash they put out for collection by reducing the number of products they buy.

The collection fee will not significantly affect the purchasing power of most residents, even if their households do not reduce the amount of trash they put out.

The collection fee will not induce residents to dump their trash in the parklands illegally.

The beauty of county parkland is an important issue for most of the county's residents.

Landfills outside the county's borders could be used as dumping sites for the county's trash.


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