Below is a table displaying the movement of passengers between major airports in 2008. Total movements is measured by the landing and takeoff of an aircraft. 21 of the busiest 30 airports from around the world are listed. The table also shows the percentage change of numbers over the 2007 numbers and ranks of the airport for total passengers and total movements


Each column of the table can be sorted in ascending order by clicking on the word "Select" above the table and choosing, from the drop-down menu, the heading of the column on which you want the table to be sorted.

Consider each of the following statements about these airports. For each statement indicate whether the statement is true or false, based on the information provided in the table.

Yes No
The airport that lost the greatest percentage of passengers from 2007 to 2008 also lost the greatest percentage of movements.
The top ranked airport in movements had more total passengers than did the 2 lowest ranked airports
More than 1 airport experienced a decline in passengers but an increase in movements during the year.

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