During the Summer Fitness Challenge, 27 individuals entered the contest to lose weight. Each contestant was categorized by weight group into 3 groups. Each fitness trainer, 9 in total, was assigned to one contestant from each weight group. The number of kilograms lost by the end of the 8-week session is recorded in the table below.

The final score for the contest was computed as a weighted mean of the kilograms lost for client 1, client 2, and client 3, using the same weights for each fitness trainer.


For each of the following statements, select Yes if the statement is true based on the information provided; otherwise select No

Yes No
In calculating the final score for the contest, the weight loss for a fitness trainer's third client (Client 3) had equal weighting as the weight loss on Client 2.
The median final score for all fitness trainers was 27.40
In the data set for "Client 1" clients who worked with a fitness trainer having four years of experience, the range was 8.

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