The table present gives ad revenue figures for US media publications and their parent company. For each periodical, the table gives 2005 and 2006 ad revenue. For 2006, it offers more detail for each publication, with the metrics shown.

CPM stands for Cost per Mil. It's an industry metric that describes the advertising cost charged to advertisers for every 1000 in impressions reached. Each reader looking at one page of a magazine counts as an impression so CPM = Ad Revenue / (Readership * Pages) / 1000. Magazines charge advertisers at the CPM rate, which varies based on the demographics of a magazine's readership.

Each column of the table can be sorted in ascending order by clicking on the word "Select" above the table and choosing, from the drop-down menu, the heading of the column on which you want the table to be sorted.

Consider each of the following statements about the ad revenue figures. For each statement, indicate whether the statement is true or false, based on the information provided in the table.

Yes No
In 2006, parent company Time Inc generated more ad revenue than any other parent media company.
Half of the periodicals with less than $10 CPM are owned by Time Inc
The average cost for each full page ad in "Seventeen" magazine is greater than that for "Maxim" magazine.

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