Sports Association 

Statement by sports association spokesperson: 

Our sports association issues contracts to television networks for the exclusive right to broadcast our sporting events. For this right, the networks pay the association substantial fees, which help finance our leagues. We also provide free media passes to our events for journalists so that they can effectively report on sports news, including final scores. Now, however, some news organizations are posting video clips, audio clips, digital photographs, and live score updates from our events on their websites. Conditions must be placed on these practices, which go beyond mere sports news reporting; they harm the value of our broad-casting contracts and violate our rights as the owners of the sports leagues. News organizations that wish to post such information on their websites should therefore sign contracts with the sports association that stipulate what postings will be allowed and how much they will cost. As we have in the past, we will deny media passes to journalists from news organizations that do not comply without requirements. 

News Organizations 

Statement by news organizations spokesperson: 

The news business has largely shifted from print media to the Internet, where readers expect text to be accompanied by audio and images. To charge news oganizations for providing online sports coverage or to place unnecessary conditions on that ocverage is to deny news organizations their right to cover the news. Online news sites are not asking to broadcast sporting events in their entirety and their sports reporting does not detract from the value of the sports leagues or their events. On the contrary -- free, engaging sports reporting generates interest in sports and thus benefits readers and the sports association alike. News organizations must be allowed to report freely about sports on their websites, in any time-frame, using any type of online medium they deem effective.

Based on the statements, which one of the following can most reasonably be inferred to be a view held by the news organizations? 

Online news consumers have the right to reproduce digital photographs and audio and video clips of sports association events posted on news organizations' websites.

News organizations' ability to cover sports news effectively will be hampered if their use of online audio, video, and images is prohibited.

News organizations have the exclusive right to report on sports news online.

People are less likely to attend sports events if they have access to live score updates online.

The sports association should restrict how audio and video clips of its sports events can be disseminated.


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