SunnySpa is starting up a medical spa, offering dermatological and cosmetic services for its clients. SunnySpa is trying to figure out whether it can turn a profit depending on what combination of clients it get in its first month. 

SunnySpa's offerings include: 

Isolaz: once per month for 4-6 sessions, this red laser zaps the oil-producing sebaceous glands using a suction-clamp process which more effectively treats the targeted area. 

Fraxel: once per month for 2-6 sessions, a more intense procedure that uses a laser to treat acne scars by stimulating collagen production deep below the skin. 

Microdermabrasion: once per month treatment that physically exfoliates the skin using a very small mechanical brush, cutting away dead skin cells on the surface to allow new skin cells to emerge 

Acne-creams: daily use, the most common creams include 2-5% benzoyl peroxide that attack facial bacteria and retinol lotions that help rejuvenate a new layer of skin 


The medical spa's first month rent is a total of $10K - the equivalent cost of 16 Isolaz treatments plus 2 Fraxel treatment packages, or the cost of 100 Microdermabrasion treatments. For each treatment, the spa charges a fixed price. 

To promote its business for the first month, the spa is offering 1 free month's supply of Benzoyl Peroxide and Retinol Lotions to its patients. 

PatientDuring her adolescence, Pam began developing chronic acne. At first, she would wash her face everyday - some of her classmates suggested she had acne because her face was not clean. She did notice her face got very oily once adolescence began. So she started washing her face 3 times a day with a cleanser. 

Yet, her acne persisted. Washing more times in a day wouldn't help. Pam was desperate for help, reaching out to her dermatologist who recommended various creams. Some of them helped but she was still getting a lot of acne - worse, some of the older acne was creating hyperpigmented dark spots on her face and leaving acne marks and scars. 

Chronic acne was the root cause of her problems and she needed some treatment options.

For each of the following combination of patients, select Yes if, based on the information provided, the business revenue generated can be shown to be less than the cost to rent the medical spa for the first month. Otherwise, select No.

Yes No
2 patients want treatment for deep pitted scars and 17 patients want to try laser to reduce the oil coming from their sebaceous glands.
7 patients want red laser treatment and 50 patients want microdermabrasions.
10 patients want acne creams and also want physical exfoliation of their skin.

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