During the first week of April, the ChefZ cooking pan was out of stock at Online Retailer X. Day 1 shoppers are those shoppers who came to Online Retailer X's website seeking a ChefZ cooking pan. For each of the first 3 days of that week, the graph shows the subsequent behavior of all the Day 1 shoppers who visited Online Retailer X's website seeking ChefZ. Shoppers who came to the website and purchased a different item in lieu of ChefZ paid an average of 25% more for the item.

From each drop-down menu, select the option that creates the most accurate statement based on the information provided.

A)% of Day 1 shoppers visited the site on Day 3.

B) Shoppers at Online Retailer X who purchased substitute items on Day 1 and Day 2 paid a total amount that was approximately% of the total all Day 1 shoppers would have paid had each of them been able to purchase ChefZ on Day 1. 


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