In Kantovia, physicians' income comes from insurance companies, which require physicians to document their decisions in treating patients and to justify deviations from the companies' treatment guidelines. Ten years ago physicians were allowed more discretion. Most physicians believe that the companies' requirements now prevent them from spending enough time with patients. Yet the average amount of time a patient spends with a physician during an office visit has actually increased somewhat over the last ten years.

Which of the following, if true, most helps to resolve the apparent discrepancy between physicians' perceptions and the change in the actual time spent?

Patients are more likely to be in a hurry nowadays and are less willing to wait a long time to see their physician.

Physicians today typically have a wider range of options in diagnosis and treatment to consider with the patient before prescribing.

Physicians are increasingly likely to work in group practices, sharing the responsibility of night and weekend work.

Most patients would rather trust their physicians than their insurance companies to make decisions about their treatment.

Since the insurance companies pay physicians a set amount for each office visit, it is to physicians' financial advantage to see as many patients as possible.


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