Unprecedented industrial growth in the country of Remo has created serious environmental problems because factories there lack adequate pollution-control systems. Remo is developing a clean growth plan that includes environmental regulations that will require the installation of such systems. Since no companies in Remo currently produce pollution-control systems, the plan, if implemented, will create significant opportunities for foreign exporters to market pollution-control systems.

Which of the following, if true, most seriously weakens the argument?

The clean growth plan will provide tax incentives for local businesses to develop and manufacture pollution-control devices.

Foreign exporters would provide factory-trained technicians to maintain the pollution-control systems sold to Remo.

Industrial lobbyists sponsored by local businesses in Remo are trying to prevent the implementation of the government regulations.

The regulations that Remo plans to implement are much less strict than those in neighboring nations.

Pollution in Remo has caused serious health problems for workers, contributing to a significant increase in the number of workdays lost to illness.


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