Jane: Television programs and movies that depict violence among teenagers are extremely popular. Given how influential these media are, we have good reason to believe that these depictions cause young people to engage in violent behavior. Hence, depictions of violence among teenagers should be prohibited from movies and television programs, if only in those programs and movies promoted to young audiences.

Maurice: But you are recommending nothing short of censorship! Besides which, your claim that television and movie depictions of violence cause violence is mistaken: violence among young people predates movies and television by centuries.

Which one of the following, if true, most strengthens Jane's argument?

The most violent characters depicted in movies and on television programs are adult characters which are portrayed by adult actors.

The movies that have been shown to have the most influence on young people's behavior are those that are promoted to young audiences.

The people who make the most profits in the movie and television industry are those who can successfully promote their work to both young and old audiences.

Many adolescents who engage in violent behavior had already displayed such behavior before they were exposed violence in movies.

Among the producers who make both movies and television programs, many voluntarily restrict the subject matter of films directed toward young audiences.


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