A shortage of orders for Manto Aircraft's airliners has led analysts to predict that the manufacturer will have to lay workers ,the new order that consolidated airlines has just made for 20 of Manto's model TX jets does not provide a reason for the analysts to revise their predictions ,because simultaneously with its new order , consolidated canceled its existing order for an equal number of manto's larger, more expensive model Z jets

which of the following ,if true, most seriously weakens the argument?

Manto relies more heavily on outside subcontractors to provide the labor to manufacture the Model Z than it does the Model TX.

The Manto employees who currently work to manufacture the model Z are Not proficient at manufacturing the model TX.

Manto includes all required maintenance work for the first five years in the price of each jet it sells .

Manto has had to lay off workers several times within the past ten years but has typically rehired many of the workers when it subsequently received new orders.

A large number of the airliners in consolidated is fleet are at the beginning of their expected service life.


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