Rail Executive: Five years ago we discontinued train service between Lamberton and its suburbs because low ridership caused total fares collected to be substantially lower than the cost of operating the service it is true that recent population growth in the suburban communities suggests increased potential ridership, nevertheless since most of the newer residents own automobiles, restoring the train service this year would still result in serious deficits.

Which of the following ,if true casts the most serious doubt on the rail executive's argument?

once train service along a given route has been discontinued ,there are substantial start-up costs associated with restoring service along that route.

most of the new residents of Lamberton's suburbs do not need to travel into Lamberton regularly for shopping or recreation.

if train service were restored this with increased hours of service there would not be an increase mcrease in total ridership.

A survey conducted last year showed that few people living in Lamberton or its suburbs support increased public funding for mass transportation.

Recently there have been sharp increases in parking fees in Lamberton and in highway tolls on major commuter routes.


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