Secret passwords are often used to control access to computers. When employees are allowed to make up their own passwords, they are likely to setup as passwords their initials or birth dates. To improve security, employers should assign randomly generated passwords to employees rather than allowing employees to make up their own

Which of the following, if true, most seriously undermines the conclusion drawn above?

if passwords are generated randomly, it is theoretically possible that employees will be assigned passwords that they might have selected on their own.

Randomly generated passwords are so difficult for employees to recall that they Often record the passwords in places where the passwords could be easily seen by others.

Computer systems protected by passwords are designed to ignore commands That are entered by employees or others who use invalid passwords.

in general, the higher the level of security maintained at the computer system, the more difficult it is for unauthorized users to obtain access to the system.

control of physical access to computers by the use of locked doors and guards should be used un addition to passwords in order to maintain security.


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