A new beverage company has been operating in two cities, one in City A and the other in City B. The company has stocked shelves equally in supermarkets in both cities, but has stocked twice as many shelves in UDS (up and down the street) stores in City A as in City B. The two cities have similar populations and economics and the sales at each store have been roughly equal. A consultant claims this shows that stocking shelves in UDS stores has not improved beverage sales.

In the table, select changes that the company could make in City A and City B, respectively, that together would probably be most helpful in testing the consultant's claim. Make only two selections, one in each column.


City A City B
Double shelf space allotted to the beverage company in supermarkets
Eliminate its presence in supermarkets
Eliminate its presence in UDS stores.
Selectively choose only the largest UDS stores to have a presence in
Add beverage shelf space in gas stations and discount

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