Advice from a computer security expert, on passwords used for accessing online accounts:

Computer users should use a different password for each online account. They should also use strong passwords, which are hard for hackers to decipher. However, strong passwords are difficult to remember, and this is especially the case for users who have multiple online accounts.

Fortunately, software is available for little or no cost that can store and encrypt a user's passwords: the user need only remember one password to access the rest. For users willing to take the time to install the software on a computer and enter all the required data, such software provides one way to comply with security expert's advice. Some versions of the software can even be copied to a portable device, such as a USB drive, whereby a user can access passwords from any compatible computer.

For a computer user with multiple accounts who would not otherwise use a different strong password on every account, the expert's advice amounts to suggesting that users make certain sacrifices in order to make certain gains. Indicate by appropriate selections in the first and second column which of the items in the third column would describe a sacrifice for this user and which would be a gain. Make only two selections, one in each column.


Gain Sacrifice
Computing speed
Number of online accounts

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