A Web 2.0 symposium is looking to Silicon Valley for some tech developers to talk about the latest disruptions in our technology-based world today. There will be a morning session and an afternoon session. Each session will have 5 developers. To reflect the diverse changing world of programming, the majority of the developers in one of these sessions will be developers who are not web developers. In the other session, at least 4 of the developers will be women. Neither session should have more than two developers from the same company.


Mark (male, web developer, Facebook)

Jeff (male, web developer, Amazon)

Jenny (female, Android developer, Google)

Jack (male, Android developer, Amazon)


Mike (male, web developer, Google)

Jessica(female, iOS developer, Facebook)

Patricia (female, Android developer, Facebook)

Michelle (female, web developer, Amazon)


Neither Session Either Session
Steve (male, Android, Google)
Jeremy (male, Java developer, Cisco)
Michelle (female, Android developer, Yahoo)
Xiao (female, Android developer, Facebook)
Kylie (female, web developer, Amazon)
Maria (female, web developer, Facebook)

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