MeTube Productions presents high-quality productions of comical, news-oriented video segments. During the past few years, viewersihp has been stagnant and business profits have gone done. Surveys conducted show that a majority of those who watch MeTube Productions regularly enjoyed watching the videos; almost all of them have been regular viewers for many years. Surveys conducted of other internet users, however, show that not many people are even aware of MeTube Productions' existence. Most actually imagine their videos to be just like the many thousands of other video production companies out there without something unique that makes them different and worthy to pay attention to. As a way to appeal to more internet viewers, over the past 5 years the company has invested heavily on visual special effects and video editing services, while reducing number of ad impressions.

In the first column of the table, select the strategy that, in the absence of the other alternatives listed, would lead most directly to decreasing MeTube Production's expenses for its comical, news-oriented video segments. In the second column, select the strategy that, in the absence of the other alternatives listed, would constitute the most direct approach to solving the problem of increasing viewership for MeTube Production's video productions. Make only two selections, one in each column.


Increase viewership Decrease expenses
Obtain public funding to double the spending on visual effects and video editing without increasing ad impressions.
Return spending on special effects and video editing services to levels of several years ago
Expand video content to include talk shows, skits, and documentaries.
Offer promotional bonuses to reward viewers who have been loyal viewers of the company's videos.
Mount an internet-wide advertising campaign emphasizing the minimal banner advertisement and entertainment value of MeTube Production's hilarious news videos.

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