Maps made by non-Native Americans to depict Native American land tenure, resources, and population distributions appeared almost as early as Europeans' first encounters with Native Americans and took many forms: missionaries' field sketches, explorers' drawings, and surveyors' maps, as well as maps rendered in connection with treaties involving land transfers. Most existing maps of Native American lands are reconstructions that are based largely on archaeology, oral reports, and evidence gathered from observers' accounts in letters, diaries, and official reports; accordingly, the accuracy of these maps is especially dependent on the mapmakers' own interpretive abilities.

Many existing maps also reflect the 150-year role of the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) in administering tribal lands. Though these maps incorporate some information gleaned directly from Native Americans, rarely has Native American cartography contributed to this official record, which has been compiled, surveyed, and authenticated by non-Native Americans. Thus our current cartographic record relating to Native American tribes and their migrations and cultural features, as well as territoriality and contemporary trust lands, reflects the origins of the data, the mixed purposes for which the maps have been prepared, and changes both in United States government policy and in non-Native Americans' attitudes toward an understanding of Native Americans.

Which of the following best describes the content of the passage?

A chronology of the development of different methods for mapping Native American lands

A discussion of how the mapmaking techniques of Native Americans differed from those of Europeans

An argument concerning the present-day uses to which historical maps of Native American lands are put

An argument concerning the nature of information contained in maps of Native American lands

A proposal for improving the accuracy of maps of Native American lands






主旨(Main idea)

这篇文章整个由“existing map”贯穿,介绍其信息的来源,和其表现了什么东西(不仅仅是地图,还有人为因素啊,绘图目的啊等等)





Correct. 一个关于美国地图中含有的信息的性质的论点。解释同“考点”。性质包括来源,其展现的东西等等。



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