Beta Corporation claims that it no longer has enough work for the 60 computer data-entry workers that it is laying off. These workers have heard, however, that the company is buying 100 new computers. So the workers concluded that the company's real reason for laying them off is to fill their jobs with lower-paid workers.

Which of the following, if true, would most undermine the workers' conclusion?

Most of the workers being laid off know how to enter data on a number of different computer systems.

Orders for almost all of Beta Corporation products have increased over the past year.

A recent memorandum from the president of Beta Corporation requested that all data generated by the company be stored in computerized form.

Beta Corporation's computer data-entry workers are more experienced and hence more highly paid than people doing comparable work in other companies.

Beta Corporation's new computers will allow its current management and sales staff to perform many of the tasks that the data-entry workers were previously doing.


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