In areas with limited access to motorized transportation, farmers plant crops as close as possible to their homes to minimize the walking required to reach their fields and the work required to transport their harvest back to their homes. Farmers have almost no motorized transportation in certain parts of Africa where cassava is an important food crop. Although by no means the easiest to transport, cassava is invariably the crop planted farthest from these farmers' villages.

Which of the following, if true, provides the best explanation for the relative placement of the cassava crops?

Unlike cassava, other food crops require substantial tending and protection from wild animals.

Cassava, unlike most other food crops, require a great deal of preparation after being harvested before it can be eaten.

Farmers with motorized transportation who plant cassava usually plant it farther from their villages than any of their other food crops.

Many other food crops are significantly less difficult to plant than cassava is.

The relative placement of food crops other than cassava varies considerably from village to village.


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