Research shows that over half of all morning political talk shows on the major television networks do not include any women broadcasters, and in terms of total guest appearances on these shows, women represent just 14 percent of the guests. Why does this research matter? These shows are a critical forum for our nation's political debates. They have an agenda-setting effect, in that they tend to influence the priorities of citizens across the country. The relative lack of women on these shows results in women's issues being a lower political priority for most citizens.

The argument above relies on which of the following assumptions?

Most of the nation's citizens watch morning news talk shows.

Morning news talk shows exhibit greater gender disparities than other news programs.

Women's issues will not be a political priority for people who do not see them discussed on news talk shows.

News talk shows are the primary mechanism that shapes the nation’s political debates.

Hosts and guests of news talk shows are more likely to raise issues that are pertinent specifically to their own gender. 


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