Studies have shown that people are swayed more by communications they believe are not intended to persuade than by those they believe are. Many politicians use this to their advantage by giving the impression of impromptu speech, when in fact their rhetoric is carefully scripted. Politicians who are skilled at giving this impression are thus able to convince many otherwise resistant listeners to adopt their point of view.

Which of the following is an assumption required by the explanation above?

Listeners who are most successful at resisting politicians' rhetoric are those who know that that rhetoric is scripted.

Most people cannot distinguish between communications that are and are not intended to persuade.

Politicians are more skilled than most people at convincing listeners that their scripted rhetoric is actually impromptu.

Politicians who are honest about their intention to persuade are generally less successful than those who are dishonest about their intention to persuade.

Many people do not believe that impromptu speech is intended to be persuasive.


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